About Us


Thai Bloom brings fine dining to the heart of downtown Beaverton. Our chefs are experienced culinary professionals who’ve honed their craft through years of apprenticeship in their native Thailand. Each dish delivers a fragrant aroma and appealing presentation that delights the senses long before the first bite satisfies the palate. A creative process fuels innovation on the menu and sustains a spirit of adventure for our customers.

Staff has the experience and familiarity with one another to function like a finely tuned instrument. While our servers extend hospitality with refreshing beverages from a fully stocked bar, the kitchen operates at peak efficiency to ensure that all elements for each meal come together at the right time.

Quality, consistency, and integrity are cornerstones of our operation. Through years of experience, we’ve forged strong relationships with the area’s top suppliers. Rigorous staff training ensures that each appetizer, entrée, and dessert order receives the same careful preparation. We treat vendors and employees fairly and respectfully.

Key Staff

  • walter-bowers

    Walter Bowers, General Manager and Co-Founder, is a seasoned entrepreneur and the architect of Thai Bloom’s strategy. His business acumen and keen eye for market opportunity make it possible for the staff to showcase their culinary talents and service excellence. Prior to launching the restaurant, he was the Co-Founder and Technical Director of a successful software development and integration company for retail enterprises.

  • Sayan Promwongsa

    Sayan Promwongsa is the Executive Head Chef and Co-Founder of Thai Bloom. A native of rural Thailand, he spent over a decade studying with accomplished chefs in Bangkok and South Africa before assuming the position of Chef De Partie at the Siam Inter-Continental. While there, he was awarded the 1998 Bronze Medal and 1999 Gold Medal by the Thailand Chef’s Association. Sayan came to America in February 2000 where he served as Head Chef for Beaverton’s Typhoon Restaurant.

  • nunda-noot-sybim

    Nunda “Noot” Sybim, Head Chef, has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of kitchen management. She spent the first half of her career in Los Angeles as a chef, manager, and then restaurant owner. She joined Typhoon Restaurants in 1996 and served as the Head Chef and Kitchen Manager in downtown Portland until 2011.

  • pen

    Pen Promwongsa is the Chef De Partie at Thai Bloom. She began her career in Bangkok as a beverage specialist and joined Typhoon Restaurants 11 years ago as a line cook. Her exceptional skill as a chef, manager, and trainer yielded promotions to Assistant Head Chef and then Head Chef.

  • somphone-sam-saisiri

    Somphone “Sam” Saisiri, Assistant Manager, provides oversight of the wait staff and beverage operations. He served in a similar capacity for over a decade at Typhoon Restaurants. His prior experience includes wine and spirits business management.

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